2022 Honorary Grand Marshal

Gregory James Skedros
(1928 - 2022)

Gregory James Skedros, Honorary Parade Grand Marshal, passed away in January. He had looked forward to being in the parade.

Born to Greek immigrants in 1928, he had to help support his family, beginning when his father died in 1940. He graduated from the first University of Utah Pharmacy class and served in the US Air Force in Korea. In 1957, he married Jenny Pappas. They moved their young family to Bountiful in 1961, opening Mountain View Pharmacy. This corner Drug Store became a community gathering place.

Gregory was 50 when he and his family opened the Mandarin. As Gregory worked to get things started, while keeping the pharmacy open, Jenny and their five children managed the new restaurant. Gregory became known for attention to detail, an exceptional palate, the desire to inspire employees, and the ability to remember customers’ names. For many, from communities south and north of us, it has been the Mandarin that occasioned a visit to Bountiful.

Despite personal struggles, including the unexpected death of his son due to a heart condition 25 years ago, Gregory’s life was made up of commitment, love, and tireless service to his community and to his Greek Orthodox faith. He and Jenny founded the Salt Lake Greek Festival, as well as The Taste of Greece, focused on gathering and raising funds. Gregory served for many years on the Parish Council and was president of the Holy Trinity Choir until his passing. He also donated generously, helping make the new Community Center possible downtown.

Over the course of generations, Gregory Skedros has embodied the pioneer spirit that made Bountiful what it is today.

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